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4th PPI Council Meeting: progress on the schedules

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13 de novembro de 2017

4th PPI Council Meeting: progress on the schedules

4th PPI Council Meeting: progress on the schedules

The Investment Partnerships Program (PPI), in a little over a year, has presented relevant results to the country. Of the 145 projects qualified in three PPI Council Meetings (CPPI), 56 have already been auctioned or renewed, which accounts for an execution of nearly 39% of the schedule established by the Concessions Program of the Federal Government.

On November 8, the CPPI met for the fourth time to discuss projects already qualified in the Program. The aim was to continue the bidding processes while ensuring compliance with the planned schedule.

In this sense, the sale conditions for the six distributors qualified in the first CPPI Meeting were approved. This is a crucial step in the process of selling these assets, with the definition of the sale value and number of shares to be offered in the auction. This modeling is the result of studies conducted by the National Development Bank (BNDES) and monitored by the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME).

The Council also approved the inclusion of two sections of highway BR-386/RS in the National Privatization Program (PND), which were reintegrated into the Federal Government and are part of the RIS (Southern Integration Highways) concession project. This project includes four major road stretches in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, totaling 473.4 km in length, and will be the first in the sector to be auctioned in the Program. For this purpose, the operational model for privatization of the RIS was approved on the occasion.

Another subject deliberated by the members of the Board was the inclusion of railroad EF-170, also known as Ferrogrão, in the PND – a 933-kilometer long greenfield project that aims to consolidate the new rail corridor for exports in Brazil through Arco Norte. The project is in the public hearing phase (from 10/30 to 11/15), with documentation published on the website of the National Land Transportation Agency (ANTT).

Another highlight was the approval of the opening of the concession bidding procedure relating to the management of the Aeronautics Command (COMAER) Integrated Communications Network. This is a Federal Public-Private Partnership project that aims to delegate to the private partner the duties related to the operation, management and maintenance of the communications, control and management infrastructure of the COMAER communication networks. The aim is to increase safety and efficiency in the management of the Brazilian airspace, with rationalization of media, performance enhancement, network integration, and concentration of human resources of the Brazilian Area Force (FAB).

The new modeling of the Exclusive Instant Lottery (Lotex) concession, resulting from the contributions received in the public hearing phase, was also approved at the 4th CPPI Meeting. The lottery model popularly known as “Raspadinha” (“scratch-off ticket”) was authorized by Act 13,155, of August 4, 2015, in Article 28. It defined the alternative of granting a concession for the operation of the Lotex, which is more attractive to investors and provides greater financial returns to the Government.

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